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OLINEK Intensive Therapy Centre

Intensive Therapy Center "Olinek is a professional, highly specialized center, which deals with complex, intensive rehabilitation of children, adolescents and adults. In Olinek we provide: motor rehabilitation for disabled patients with special emphasis on neurological disabilities with the use of TheraSuit space suits, individual sensory integration classes and individual corrective gymnastics for people with posture defects, additionally we offer auditory attention training - therapy by Prof. Tomatis (improves brain function, concentration, balance and communication, also calms, soothes and relaxes, also affects the more effective learning of foreign languages).


Rehabilitation Holidays with TheraSuit Suits


The TheraSuit Method is used to treat children with Cerebral Palsy. It is an individualized, intensive rehabilitation program designed to develop strength and function (independence in daily activities - crawling, walking, self-care). The therapy uses the TheraSuit rehabilitation suit and the Universal Healing Cabinet. The method is used to combat the negative effects of lack of movement, reduced muscle strength and physical fitness. It was created as an alternative to to other less effective therapy methods.


Prof. Tomatis' Therapy with Diagnosis


Training consists of listening to carefully selected sound material through a device called an electronic ear, which is an ideal model of the human ear - it trains the ear to work without interference. These exercises stimulate the central nervous system, in particular the cerebral cortex, which is the center of thinking processes. Stimulation is provided by sounds of a specific high frequency; these sounds are filtered accordingly. During the training, which consists of several phases, individually selected sound material reaches the patient through the air and bone. During the session you can talk, play board and puzzle games, play or sleep. The entire training consists of several phases from very intense sound stimulation initiating the therapy to active patient participation.


Sensory Integration Therapy with diagnosis


The therapeutic activities carried out with the child are aimed at compensating for the deficits and disturbances in sensory integration identified by the diagnosis. The diagnosis is based on a detailed interview and on Sensory Integration Tests. Most sensory integration classes Sensory Integration classes are mostly movement-based and designed to stimulate the senses. They are adapted to the child's developmental level and take the form of scientific play;. The child will be encouraged The child will be encouraged and guided to perform activities that will trigger and provoke appropriate, effective responses to sensory stimuli.


Hand therapy


The hand, as a specialized organ, is responsible for many functions in our body. Her excellence lies in the fact that it serves us as a powerful tool for pushing, lifting weights, wrestling, and at the same time it can perform very precise and complex movements such like sewing or writing. Due to the wide specialization of the limbs, it is mainly their efficiency that determines the level of functioning of each person. Development of the cerebral cortex and complicated the nervous mechanism makes our hands and hands something extraordinary and fascinating. It allows us to initiate a movement, control its duration, and end it smoothly. The area of the cortex responsible for movements of the entire upper limb, especially the hand, thumb, and fingers, occupies an astonishingly large area relative to other parts of the body. This clearly indicates the great functional importance of the hand in our daily lives.




The rehabilitation suit helps in the daily rehabilitation of patients with neurological dysfunctions. AtaxiTog System introduces its new vest design with long attachment wings that can be connected directly to shorts on the hips. The new clamping wings offer three main benefits: Increased prioprocentric stimuli stimulated by guaranteed automatic compression (gravitational pressure). Improve balanced postural and hip joint development without restricting movement. Simplify the process of dressing and removing the TheraTogs costume for patients who have problems with stability, balance and unsteady gait resulting from ataxia.

In the first instance, the AtaxiTog system is designed for people with trembling and unsteady movement, with balance difficulties caused by cerebellar dysfunction, without additional musculoskeletal problems.


Correction of posture defects

Individual classes of 1 h, number of classes to be agreed.


Rehabilitation of children and infants

We offer rehabilitation of infants from birth using the NDT-Bobath method.

Scope of Activities:
- Functional diagnosis of children with neurological disorders.
- Assessment of psychomotor development in preterm infants and toddlers.
- Therapy of premature infants, toddlers, and young children with axial asymmetry and impaired muscle tone (hypotonia and hypertonia).
- Therapy for children with cerebral palsy.
- Therapy for infants and young children with torticollis.
- Teaching parents, children with muscle tone disorders, proper care and basic therapeutic exercises.
- Counseling, indications, prognosis, and therapeutic prognosis for children with special needs.
- Correction of postural defects in children and adolescents.


Additional activities

For interested patients it is possible to organize additional activities outside the Olinek Intensive Therapy Center. Depending on your needs, this may include hippotherapy, dog-assisted therapy, swimming pool, etc. . For more information on additional activities, please contact the center directly..


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